FSI’s extensive product line includes a variety of specialty and major appliances for institutional, residential, and commercial markets

Our resellers can specify our products to their customers’ exact needs, as FSI offers a wide range of customization to provide more flexibility in product offerings. Common customizations are:

  • Installation of NIST calibrated temperature monitoring devices including alarms, thermometers, or data loggers to almost any refrigerator or freezer
  • Adding locks, self-closing doors, open door alarms, 
  • Modifying exterior finishes with cosmetic options including black or standard stainless steel, glass door tints, wooden trim, and more
  • Adding anti-microbial handles and self-opening doors for healthcare facilities seeking added protection against germ spread
  • Customizing pharmacy and healthcare refrigerator interiors with drawers, lockboxes, and roll-out shelves 
  • Installing digital controls or modifying cooling systems for enhanced performance as required by some environments
  • Customizing keg coolers for beer, wine, cold brew coffee, nitro infused coffee, kombucha, and other keg-based beverages