FSI is uniquely positioned to provide products for customers under their own brand or marketing designation. Our production facilities can manufacture or convert products to your specifications, at a highly competitive cost, and provide you with just-in-time inventory.

Among the services we offer:

  • Cosmetic alterations to match your visual brand language
  • Listing with safety agencies where required (UL, ETL, CSA, NSF)
  • ENERGY STAR administration
  • Certification and annual registration with Department of Energy (DOE) and individual state agencies

  • California Prop 65 and FTC appliance labeling
  • Compliance with EPA and CARB rules
  • Enhancing your brand with custom manufacturing
  • Packaging and box labeling in accordance with all applicable rules  

Our facilities are designed to be as turnkey as possible, with box labels, bar coding, FTC labels, and use and care booklets printed in-house. 

We successfully manage this process for clients today. Our flexible manufacturing can deliver products to you from a minimal order quantity to full truckloads.